The tenders/rfps/rfis Floated By Indian Army/defence Organisations By The Prospective Bidders

The following website shall be used for participating in the tenders/RFPs/RFIs floated by Indian Army/Defence organisations by the prospective bidders ;

1.   This is for your kind information that prior to 01 April 2019, all procurement cases were being processed through e-procurement website i.e  All users of Defence procurement and bidders were required to be registered on e-procurement website.

2.   However, now as per Government of India orders, a separate website has been created for processing defence procurement cases (  Therefore all existing bidders/prospective bidders are required to migrate/register on the new website in order to participate in the tenders/RFPs/RFIs floated by Indian Army/Defence organisations.

3.   The details regarding the process of migration to defence procurement website are available on the website mentioned at Para 1 above.  In case of any queries, the bidders are advised to contact the help desk of eproc/def proc website.  The details of the help desk are available on the website at the 'Contact Us' tab.


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