Advisory on Fraud Calls

Several instances of fraud calls being received by members of the Indian community residing in Germany have been brought to our attention. Initially, Indian students and those on work permit in Germany were receiving such calls. Of late, Indian nationals and people of Indian origin (NRI and OCI card holders) have also been receiving such calls.

2. It is advised that on receiving such calls, the following must be provided to the local police and to the Embassy of India, Berlin (minca.berlin@mea.gov.in and ca.berlin@mea.gov.in):

  • Telephone number from which the call was made
  • Date and time of call
  • Listed telephone number on which call was received
  • Nature of demand or threat

3. In some instances, the scam callers/criminals have used telephone numbers of the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees. In this case, the complaint should also be sent to the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees (info.buerger@bamf.bund.de). In this regard, an Advisory may be seen at the following link: https://www.bamf.de/SharedDocs/Meldungen/DE/2014/20131213-falsche- telefonanrufe-nur_ startseite.html ).

4. The modus operandi of the fraud callers are as follows:

  • Most fraud calls have originated from the numbers + 49 30 257950 or +49 30 25795103. These are telephone numbers belonging to the Embassy of India, Berlin which have been spoofed by the fraud callers.
  • Those making such calls masquerade as Indian Embassy officials and use the spoofed Indian Embassy contact numbers. The callers speak in English and sometimes in Hindi.
  • The fraud caller tells that the receiver had given wrong or inadequate information in his/her passport or immigration records. Therefore, a case has been registered by the Police in India/Germany.
  • It is also sometimes mentioned that the case was pending in a Court in India/Germany.
  • The fraud caller then tells that a fine or penalty needed to be paid through Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram. In rare cases, bank account numbers have also been given.

5. We request you to share this Advisory with your family, friends and acquaintances from the Indian Community in Germany. We would appreciate any useful information which could be used to identify those who make the fraud calls.

6. The Indian Embassy in Berlin has taken up the matter with German authorities.

7. It is reiterated that Indian Embassy /Consulates in Germany do not call up people to ask for money. All such calls may be reported promptly.

Dated: 18.04.2019

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