Attestation, Consular and Misc. Services Consular Services

Attestation, Consular and Misc. Services

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Attestation, Consular and Misc. Services

Attestation :

Documents issued by authorities in Germany :

The Mission legalizes the German documents on the basis of signature and seal of the District Court (landgericht) concerned.

Documents issued by authorities in India :

Legalization/ Apostille of public documents issued by the Indian authorities is NOT recognized by German authorities. Such documents may require verification by the German authorities for use in Germany. It is advised to check with the concerned German Authority/Institution about the procedure for acceptance of documents issued by the Indian authorities.


  1. Attestation of affidavits/documents pertaining to sale, purchase, power of attorney, mortgage, transfer, gift, etc. of real estate or moveable properties. 
    € 25
  2. Attestation of civil documents (affidavits, educational degree, sponsorship certificates, marriage certificates, wills, Power of Attorney etc. 
  3. Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate pertaining to exports from foreign country to India. 
  4. Attestation of pension papers, life certificate etc. pertaining to pensioners. 
  5. Other miscellaneous attestations, issue of civil certificates, notarial services not falling within any of above categories, registration of birth & a certified copy of the entry. 
    € 25

Note :

(i) The rates are per attestation and the pages on which Mission/Post’s round seal is affixed will not be charged extra.

(ii) In addition, consular surcharge of € 2 shall be levied for all consular services.

FAQs on Attestation Services

Consular services:

Transportation of mortal remains of Indian nationals to India :

The following documents are necessary for PUBLIC HEALTH CLEARANCE of Human Remains :

1. Death Certificate issued by the Health Department clearly mentioning the cause of death.

If the cause of death is mentioned as Cardio-respiratory arrest/natural death/pending to be ascertained after postmortem/not possible to clearly mention the exact cause of death due to some unavoidable reasons – then in all such situations, the Health Department is required to issue a certificate stating “the person has not died because of the infectious/communicable/notifiable disease”.

2. Embalming certificate.


3. NOC from the Embassy.

4. Copy of the passport.

5. Flight details.

[The documents would be attested by the Embassy.]

The Health NOC will be provided only if all the documents in original and photocopy (both original and English translated copy) are presented to the Health Officer at the airport.

Transportation of human ashes to India :

1. Request letter from a member of the concerned family.

2. International Death certificate issued by the local authorities (with English translation).

3. Cremation certificate issued by Cremation centre (with English translation).

4. Letter from Cremation Centre stating that box contains only ashes as per international norms (with English translation).

5. Indian passport/PIO/OCI of the deceased.

6. Flight details.

[The documents would be attested by the Embassy.]

Fee : Gratis

Issuance of Police Clearance Certificate

Applicant is required to fill in the  online form which is available at and submit hard copy of the same  along with a copy of passport and proof of residence.
Service fee is € 20 plus Consular Surcharge € 2.


Police Clearance Certificate would be issued only on receipt of fresh police verification.

Issuance of any other miscellaneous certificate based on the Passport:

Applicant is required to submit a request letter along with a copy of passport and proof of residence.

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