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MISC Services

MISC Services

Miscellaneous services rendered to Indian nationals.

[Consular surcharge of Euro 2.00 shall be levied on all consular services]

Change of address

Applicants to furnish documentary proof like letter from bankers in India, Copy of ration card, copy of electricity bill/telephone bill etc.
Fee- EUR 12/-.

Inclusion of spouse name

Applicants to furnish attested copy of marriage certificate or joint sworn affidavit with joint marriage photograph (Applicants shall apply in person as an Affidavit to be signed in front of the Consular officer).
Fee- EUR 12/-.

Issue of birth certificate for a new born child

(would be granted as per details in the passport).Original passport and passport size photograph is required.
Fee- EUR 25/-

Power of Attorney

Original passport, two photographs Applicant to sign in front of the consular officer.
Fee- EUR 25/-

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Misc. form to be filled, one photograph, Original passport. PCC will be issued only after verifying credentials of the applicant.
Fee- EUR 22/-

Life certificates for Pensioners

To obtain a Life certificate the personal appearance of the applicant is necessary. The applicant needs to bring passport to establish identity and the pension pay book, if available).
Fee-EUR 12/-

No Objection Certificate for transporting dead bodies to India

A certificate is issued by the Embassy and the consulates to enable transport of a dead body to India. Documents should be submitted along with the photocopies.

Documents required.

International death certificate

  • Doctor's certificate.
  • Embalming certificate
  • Certificate from the undertaker confirming that the packing of body is in accordance with international regulations.
  • Police certificate.
  • Clearance of German authorities for release of mortal remains.
  • Letter pertaining to shipment of mortal remains.
  • Photocopies of all the documents.

Ashes/human remains certificate

The Embassy issues a certificate to enable transport of human Ashes to India.

Documents required.

  • Death certificate of the deceased.
  • Cremation certificate
  • Certificate from the undertaker confirming that the urn contains ashes of the deceased person.
  • Photocopies of these documents.

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