ICCR New Delhi Opens its A2A Portal for students interested in availing of an ICCR scholarship for the A.Y 2023-24.
-Please be informed that the closing date of receiving applications on A2A portal has been further extended by 9 days i.e, 9 June 2023, is the last date for the applicants to apply for ICCR Scholarships.

This is to inform you that portal is live now, and interested students may apply on A2A portal to avail ICCR’s scholarship for the A.Y 2023-24. The revised timeline is as under

Opened since 


Opening of ICCR A2A Portal for admissions.


Last date of submission of application by students.


Last date for Universities to inform the decision (if confirmed, intimation to Missions; if rejected, intimation to students).


Last date for allocating scholarship and generating Offer Letters by Indian Mission abroad.

15-July -2023

Last date of acceptance by students.