The parents of a newborn child are legally required to register birth of a newly-born child at the Embassy/Consulate of their juisdiction immediately after birth and in any case within one year of the birth of the child. Both of the parents are required to come to the Embassy/Consulate in person for registration of birth. A birth certificate would be issued by the Embassy /Consulate concerned. 


  1. Online application form is to be filled on the webportal of Government of India at the following link:
  2. Upload/attach the following with the web application filled online on the above portal:

    (a) Photograph of the child is to be uploaded on the portal (size 35x35 mm, which background - in JPG format less than 20KB in size)
    (b) Signatures of both the parents are also required to be uploaded on the portal (in JPG format less than 20 KB in size)
    (c) Birth Certificate of the child issued by local German Authority (in PDF format less than 1 MB in size)
    (d) Scanned copies of passport of both parents (first and last page of the passport – 2 pages of each  passport)  [in PDF format less than 1 MB in size]

  3. Download, fill up and sign the Form:  Undertaking-Registeration Of A New Born Child,
  4.  Submit the form along with supporting documents as per the Checklist mentioned below, to the Embassy.

List of Documents to be submitted along with the application

● Copy of German Birth Certificate (Geburtsurkunde)
● Proof of Residence (Anmeldung)
● Copy of Passports of Parents
● Valid Residence Permit (Aufenthalt Erlaubnis)
● Undertaking to be signed by the parents. Please click here to download the form
●  Confirmation issued from the concerned authority/office that the child does hold any other nationality.
●  Marriage Certificate.


  1. The child is eligible for registration as Indian Citizenship by “Descent” only if any of the parent of the child (or both the parents of the child) hold Indian nationality at the time of birth of the child.
  2. Application along with supporting documents may be submitted at the Embassy personally.
  3. It is mandatory for both the parents to be present while submitting the application for registraion of a minor child.

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