FAQ on Renunciation of Indian Citizenship/Surrender Certificate FAQ on Renunciation of Indian Citizenship/Surrender Certificate

FAQ on Renunciation of Indian Citizenship/Surrender Certificate

1.Renunciation of Indian  Citizenship / Surrender  of Indian Passport  for Applicants  above 18 years.

Q No 1. Where can I apply for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship ?

A: Applicant needs to apply online through following link : Renunciation of Indian Citizenship (indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in)

Q No 2. What all documents are required for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship/Surrender of Indian Passport ?

A: Following documents are required :

  • Indian Passport in original (even if it is expired).
  • City Registration / Anmeldung.
  • Copy of Foreign Nationality Certificate.
  • Copy of Foreign Passport.
  • Particulars Form (To be signed by witness who should be an Indian national other than the applicant and the family member of the applicant)

Q No 3. What is the fees and how can I pay ?

A: Fee payable is 82 euros. Applicant can pay in cash at the Embassy.

Q No 4. What is the criteria of uploading documents ?

A: Documents mentioned above should be scanned and uploaded in PDF format. Each PDF document should not exceed size more than 1mb.

Q No 5. What is the criteria of uploading image ?

A:Image Dimension of photograph should be 5x5 cm. Ensure that the scanned image should not exceed more than 50kb and should be in JPG format only.

Q No 6. How much is the processing time of the application?

A:Processing of the application may take minimum 10-12 weeks (starting from date of receipt of complete application). Certificate can only be issued after getting Security clearances in the system from several Indian agencies. Applicants are requested to refrain from making status enquiries for 12 weeks after successful submission of documents and payment of fee.

Q No 7. How can I track the status of my application ?

A:Applicant can track the status through following link : Renunciation of Indian Citizenship (indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in).

2.Surrender  of Indian Passport Renunciation of Indian  Citizenship for  Applicants less than 18 years.

Q No 1 After acquiring foreign nationality when do I need to surrender my passport?

A: After obtaining foreign nationality the applicant needs to surrender his/her Passport within 3 years. Also note that you cannot travel on the Indian passport after acquiring foreign passport.

Q No 2  How can I apply for Surrender Certificate?

A:Please go to the link: https://portal6.passportindia.gov.in/and apply. The application is to be submitted online along with the documents (Please see below)

Q No 3 What documents do I need to provide along with the application

  • Form 22 : click here
  • Particulars Form click here (To be signed by witness who should be an Indian national other than the applicant and the family member of the applicant).
  • Declaration signed by both the parents.
  • Original Indian Passport including expired one.
  • Nationality Certificate
  • Address Proof (Anmeldung)
  • Copy of foreign passport

Q No 4  My passport has been taken by the German authorities while processing my German passport. What is the procedure for getting the surrender certificate now?

A:Applicant needs to submit his/her application at the Embassy mentioning that his/her passport was deposited with the German authorities. Please follow up with the concerned German authority to ensure that the passport is sent to the Embassy of India. The surrender process can start only after the Indian passport of the applicant is received  by the Embassy of India.

Q No 5  Whose details needs to be filled in Particulars Form?

A:The Particulars Form is not to be signed by the applicant but by another Indian national who can verify the identity of the applicant.(should not be a family member of the applicant)

Q No 6 How do I submit my application?

A:Applicant can personally submit the application at Embassy of India, Berlin on any working day between 9:30hrs - 12:30hrs.

Q No 7 What is the fee for Surrender Certificate?

A: 82 Euros (including all charges)

Q No 8 How can I deposit the fee?

A:You can deposit the fee in cash at Embassy of India Berlin.

Q No 9 I have filled the form and deposited it personally at the Embassy. What are the next steps?

A: Once the application is submitted the applicant can track the status of the application on the Sewa portal.

Q No 10 How can I collect my Surrender Certificate

A:Applicant can visit the Embassy after receiving the confirmation mail that his/her Surrender Certificate is ready for collection. The collection time is between from 16:00hrs to 17:00hrs on all working days.

Q No 11. What if I have passport from different country ?

A:Applicant needs to get it apostiled  along with nationality certificate issued by the   authorities of concerned country.

Q No 12. I have different query

A:Please contact us on cons1.berlin@mea.gov.in